Family of Geese Killed by Speeding Car

[The following story is from my wife, Li Rong.]

As I drove home on Cleveland Ave, between County Rd C2 and County Rd D, on the opposite side of the road I saw a cloud of goose feathers fly into the air. When my mom screamed in the back seat, I nervously asked “what’s wrong?” Mom said, “Keep going, and don’t look back.” Through my rear view mirror, I saw four dead goose bodies lying on the road.  From the way the feathers were flying, I could tell they must have been hit by a speeding car.

On Cleveland Avenue, more and more cars come and go, more and more cars drive over the speed limit, groaning with their engines’ power, anxiously getting on 35W.

I still remember, when we moved to our new home two years ago, my parents were impressed with seeing wild creatures in the neighborhood. My mom told our newborn son “Look, Duane, the geese are eating food; you should eat too”…”Look, Duane, the geese are going home to sleep; you should sleep too.” When the goose families cross Cleveland Ave or County Rd C from time to time, the traffic usually yields to let them pass. My mom always said to my dad, “Americans are kind; you would never see that back in China.”

Just this morning we were pleased to see this family of geese happily eating in our front yard. This evening we’re heartbroken to see half of them murdered on our street.

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