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Music in My Life: Part 1 — the early years

Listening to music was very important in the home where I grew up, but performing music was not at all part of our lives. My dad was too old to be a hippie himself, but was a psychology professor who … Continue reading

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“Maggie Math”

It started with my younger son Duane asking silly questions, as 5-year-olds like to do. The question which started Maggie Math was “What is Maggie plus Maggie?” (Maggie is his younger cousin.) In the course of playing along with this … Continue reading

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How to run a Minecraft 1.3 snapshot on Debian GNU/Linux

I’ve been wasting time playing Minecraft on my Debian box recently, and I wanted to try the new 1.3 snapshots. I found they couldn’t run with the same invocation as I had been using for the 1.2 release. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Understanding the Monty Hall Problem

When I first heard about the Monty Hall Problem, the answer seemed unintuitive to me, as it did to famous mathematicians. At that time, I dismissed it without much thought. When I encountered it again in a the book The … Continue reading

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Family of Geese Killed by Speeding Car

[The following story is from my wife, Li Rong.] As I drove home on Cleveland Ave, between County Rd C2 and County Rd D, on the opposite side of the road I saw a cloud of goose feathers fly into … Continue reading

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Current project status

I’ve had an interest in CSound for a while now — the computer music program which can do just about anything, as long as you describe your instruments and melodies in its programming language. I have a special interest in … Continue reading

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If I Ran the Jamendo

Jamendo is a great place to find new music, for free, from musicians who want to share their work. At least, as of the time of this writing, it’s still up. Jamendo is in big financial trouble, and may be … Continue reading

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